Case Study: E-commerce Success Stories

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The AI Team of technology architects strives to provide custom, versatile technology solutions utilizing proprietary processes developed through the team’s expertise within a number of industries, including e-commerce. The AI Team works to identify the client’s true pain points and utilizes the team’s best practices to architect and implement creative solutions. We provide just-in-time coaching to empower our clients, delivering the most efficient, reliable, and scalable solution to solve their business needs.

At AI we know that e-commerce clients, especially those where subscriptions are sold, tend to be very concerned with timely and reliable payment processing and fraud detection. Chargebacks that usually result in lost product can negatively impact reputation and sometimes result in higher rates from payment processors. We also know how important it is to design systems that prevent errors and flexibly support current and future marketing programs and promotions. We optimize at every application tier, ensuring the customers receive a consistently satisfying purchase experience. The AI Team is accustomed to integrating with a variety of payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe. We have used Maxmind to augment the fraud prevention capabilities of those solutions. Typically when creating B2C solutions, those platforms provide excellent fraud prevention. When implementing B2B solutions we often develop specialized fraud prevention capabilities.

Systems built to include:

  • Timely & reliable payment processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Chargeback prevention
  • Scalability and flexibility


Here are a few examples of e-commerce solutions AI team members have implemented.


AI Team developed significant updates to this retailer’s software, including the suggestion engine, responsible for recommending products to customers. The goal of the project was to improve scalability and accuracy. Before the project began, only 20-30% of customers were satisfied with the retailer’s recommendations. After the project was complete, 85% of customers were happy with the product recommendations.


This project called for a “rip and replace” of a massive monolithic application written in FORTRAN. The app was replaced with a highly scalable, resilient, and more easily maintained system built from 100s of standalone SOA services written in Java, C, and C#.


This was a greenfield opportunity, developing an entirely new subscription-based domain registration platform to be used by multiple domain registration websites. The platform generated $12.4 million in revenue the first year and gained critical acclaim in the industry.


The team developed what became the second largest hosting service for gamer portals in the United States. The goal of the new service was to enable group play while requiring a minimum amount of time and effort for the setup and management of each group’s portal. The solution used C# and SQL with as the payment gateway. Three levels of subscriptions were offered depending on the amount of storage, size of user base, and whether ads would be shown. At its peak the service hosted 25,000 group portals with over 125,000 total users.


For this project, an AI Team member updated a software platform for managing and selling event photos to participants. For example, runners in a race could purchase photos of themselves competing near famous landmarks throughout the course.

The project called for the replacement of an antiquated and limited ASP/HTML-based platform with one using AJAX and JSON. The new system integrated with UPS, Fedex, and USPS APIs to handle shipping orders, and included a new real-time photo watermarking process to cut down on online sharing of unpurchased images. The user experience was fine-tuned with a personal page for each runner and an interactive product builder facilitated the creation of packages of photos and special

The new system was launched just in time for the New York City Marathon where it successfully managed over 1.25 million photos taken throughout the course of the race.


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