Case Study: AV Design Software Company

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An AV Design Software Company

Line of Business: Home technology planning & budgeting software

Based in San Francisco, California

Founded in 2015 by two home technology integrators

The client organization was newly founded for the purpose of creating and marketing a software product targeted at integration consultants who plan and manage the installation of high-end technology in homes.

Over 1,500 employees

The client organization was founded by two home technology consultants. The founders wanted a software product that could streamline the process that comprised the basis of their business: planning and budgeting home technology projects. That process required engaging with customers in a complex process for choosing components for a home system. Technical factors and budget were both important considerations when planning a system.

The client's founders envisioned a cloud based software tool that would transform the tedious and complex planning process into a graphical drag-and-drop collaboration between integrators and their customers. With the new software, home audio/video systems would be configured by simply dragging components onto a home’s uploaded floorplan. Overall costs, including such costs as equipment, mounting brackets, wiring, and labor, would be totaled automatically based on the configuration in real time with the customer allowing for a more efficient sales experience.

The goal was to drastically reduce the time it took to explore design possibilities while impressing customers with an interactive collaborative tool. To help customers feel comfortable with resulting plans, the founders also wanted the software to provide competitive comparisons between an integrator’s proposed budget and expected market prices for similar configurations.

Although the client’s founders were experts in the home technology planning process, they were not software developers. They turned to Architecting Innovation’s outside expertise in order to realize their vision with tremendous success.

With the new software, audio/video systems can now be configured by simply dragging components onto a home’s uploaded floorplan, impressing and assuring customers.

In 5 months AI delivered a product that:

  • Simplified home technology consultant/ customer collaboration.
  • Enables interactive drag and drop choices onto customer’s floorplan.
  • Calculates total cost of chosen equipment, accessories and labor in real time.
  • Won CEDIA Best of Show Award 2015.


Architecting Innovation created the software from scratch in just five months. The resulting application is so impressive it won a 2015 Best of Show Award at CEDIA 2015, the home technology industry’s premier event.

The software includes an amazing drag-and-drop UI that works on both tablets and desktops. Not only does it enable collaboration between an integrator and their client, the tool also facilitates communication among those assisting with the planning process. Numerous project participants can interact simultaneously with a project from separate devices using different views… and they all can see each other’s updates instantly!


Drag and Drop UI for Project Planning creates a great user experience

Key Features

The completed software provides:

  • Tablet & desktop interfaces
  • PDF export capability
  • A drag and drop UI for project planning
  • Prices and graphs updating in real time
  • Reporting including price breakdowns and market price comparisons
  • Blueprints suitable for use by installers
  • A cloud-based solution that grows and scales with the business.

Comparing proposed budget with typical costs


Simple color-coded navigation for choosing options


  • Microsoft Azure — Cloud based computing platform.
  • AngularJS — User interface
  • ASP.NET Web API — Communications with the AngularJS UI
  • NServiceBus — Used for async processing like getting reports and PDFs 
  • Azure Service Bus — Used beneath NServiceBus to ensure scalability. 
  • SignalR — Used for real-time syncing across solution components.
  • Azure Blob Storage — For storing images and PDFs
  • nHibernate — An object-relational mapper for .NET
  • SQL Server — Used for storing all of the non-blob data.


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